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How to book premium tatkal tickets

What is Premium Tatkal (PT) Quota Booking? Advance Reservation Period ( ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is same as Tatkal ticket booking. Premium Tatkal Train Tickets are like Tatkal Tickets. Premium Tatkal (PT) was introduced by IRCTC last year in order to get train ticket on the last minute. For facilitating last-minute passenger reservations, IRCTC offers online Tatkal ticket booking service. Such bookings typically open one day.

Tatkal tickets: Booking Premium Tatkal (PT) ticket is much costlier than Tatkal due to dynamic fare pricing. Check out Premium Tatkal train ticket booking information on Paytm about ✓ Premium Tatkal reservation rules ✓Timings ✓Seat availability ✓Cancellation rules. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is now offering a ' Premium Tatkal' quota for online ticket bookings. You can book.

You need to log to IRCTC site and search your source and destination with the date. Your date of booking of premium tatkal ticket should be one day before the . These tickets can be purchased online only. The program began with a pilot of about 80 trains. Premium Tatkal and. Under this Premium Tatkal ticket booking scheme, a few seats can be reserved with a dynamic fare pricing. For those who wish to Book train. Passengers can book premium Tatkal tickets online only on the pattern of According to a Railway Board official, premium Tatkal tickets are. Tatkal Railway Reservation Tatkal ticket is one of the most sought after booking for all the trains. Tatkal booking is meant for immediate plans. Tatkal booking for.

Next time you book online rail tickets in the 'Premium Tatkal' segment, take a closer look at the final price before your final click. For, you could. Fastest IRCTC TATKAL BOOKING: Fully automated from login to payment with captcha highlight, How to book Premium Tatkal tickets?. But having said that, while booking Tatkal tickets, you are vying against For the specific travel for which you want to book your Tatkal ticket, make a . Over and above Indian railway now plans to do premium loot from. From July 10, reservation of tatkal tickets will start from 10 am instead of 8 am and no authorised agents will be allowed to book them during the first two hours.

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